25th Martiou and Agias Paraskevis, Hersonissos, Crete 70014, Greece +30 2897 023993

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    More About Us

    Our Philosophy

    Our motto could be – ”Let our customers enjoy every meal!”

    No matter if it’s a dinner or a quick lunch on the beach or a breakfast early in the morning, every meal experience should be enjoyable. Therefore we believe that every single detail counts & helps to create the right atmosphere for a meal – authentic interior, beautiful view, delicious meal and to-the-point service.

    We should always keep in mind that eating is a sensory experience where we use all our five senses including smell, taste, touch, sound and sight to enjoy our meal! And we wish we activate everyone’s five senses while visiting our restaurant!

    Our cooking

    Our food is prepared by using fresh and regional products that is the key ingredient in our cooking process and kitchen philosophy. Most of the recipes used in cooking represents traditional Greek cuisine whereas other menu items directs to Mediterranean cuisine and only few of the to international cuisine.